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Black - Item Number DT1001 Shading, Blacking Out, Body Lines (Model Cars, Boats, Planes, etc.)
Blue - Item Number DT1002   Emergency Lights, Emblems, A/N Fittings
Brown - Item Number DT1003 Weathering, Body Shading, Figurines  
$2.99 - Black
$2.99 - Blue
$2.99 - Brown
Green - Item Number DT1004 Car/Air Craft Windows, Weathering
Red - Item Number DT1005  Stop Lights, Emergency Lights, Emblems, A/N Fittings
Yellow - Item Number DT1006 Turn Signal Lights, Fog Lights, Marker Lights, Gold Chroming
$2.99 - Green
$2.99 - Red
$2.99 - Yellow
Rust - Item Number DT1007 Exterior Weathering for Military Aircraft, Armour, Old Cars & Trucks
Olive - Item Number DT1008   Military Vehicle Detailing, Interior, Exterior and Figures
Tan - Item Number DT1009 Desert Armour, Dusting and Weathering
$2.99 - Rust
$2.99 - Olive
$2.99 - Tan
Gray - Item Number DT1010 Engines, Age Wood, Diorama Detailing, Panel Lines
Navy Blue - Item Number DT1011   Emergency Lights, Aircraft Emblems, A/N fitting & Bluing Chrome
White - Item Number DT1012 Whitewall Tires, Backup Lights, Aircraft & Military Lights
$2.99 - Gray
$2.99 - Navy Blue
$2.99 - White
Liquid Mask - Item Number DT1013 Mask with Liquid vs Tape 
$2.99 - Liquid Mask
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